2022 Missouri Educational Attainment and Academic Growth Analysis

In partnership with Exponent Education, a highly regarded education data group,  The Opportunity Trust hosted discussions on the 2022 Missouri academic data – our first look at how children and schools are doing post-pandemic. 

See below for a recording of the St. Louis regional data analysis presentation as well as slides from the events.

St. Louis region focused analysis

Missouri focused analysis

The presentation has three components. The first component focuses on the impact of the pandemic on student achievement across the country based on the latest data from the National Assessment of Educational Progress — also called the Nation’s Report Card. Essentially, those data provide the most apples-to-apples comparison of how students are performing across state lines, and will show how Missouri’s students fare relative to the nation.

In the second component, is an examination of data released in December 2022 by Missouri’s Department of Elementary and Secondary Education — these data allow examination of achievement at the school, district, and regional level and also provide a window into how students are recovering from 2021 to 2022.

Finally, the presentation provides an exploration into what we can learn from schools that are outliers — these are schools and systems that are changing the odds and helping Black students in the St. Louis region, in particular, achieve outsized gains from 2021 to 2022 on the road to recovery.

You can also use the analysis tool below to further dig into the analysis. 

For raw data, to ask and answer additional questions, click here for the Missouri Academic Data Explorer.